Wiser: New Smart Home Program

• Presentation of a simple and scalable system on Light + Building 2018
• Radio-based Wiser solution controls lights, blinds, heating and energy with one single app
• Enhanced radio standard enables connectivity throughout the whole building

Schneider Electric launches a new program for the growing smart home market. The specialists for digital transformation in energy management and automatization present the new Wiser series at Light + Building in Frankfurt (hall 11.1, booth D56 and hall 8.0, booth F70). Smart products and solutions for a simple, cost-efficient and forward-looking entry into the smart home world. Wiser offers radio- and app-based connectivity of traditional applications in residential building providing more comfort, efficiency and safety in private environments. Intelligent lighting systems, blinds and heating controls as well as an efficient energy management are controlled by just one app and will also support voice controls. Schneider Electric will gradually extend the fields of application by open standards and co-operation with technology leaders such as Google, Apple and Amazon.

The heart of the Wiser family is the Wiser App, which enables the user to intuitively control all major functions of the Wiser family via smartphone, tablet or the permanently installed Home Touch controller: Wiser Light, Wiser Heat and Wiser Energy stand for intelligent switches, dimmers and radio sensors in the switch programs system M and D-Life, radiator thermostats and energy monitoring systems. The user can for example control lights and blinds throughout the house and define specific scenarios to be executed manually or using a scheduler. The sophisticated sensor technology for doors and windows supports this: blinds will automatically close when the resident has left the house. In the case of a longer absence it is possible to simulate residents’ presence in order to reduce the risk of intrusion. When the sensors recognize that a window is open, the heating is turned off in that room. The energy monitoring enables determination of consumption and saving possibilities in real time.

For the communication of the individual products Schneider Electric relies on an enhanced low energy radio standard. Due to its larger range of up to 100 meters and its ease of use it will extend the Bluetooth standard used up to now for the Wiser Room app and the Wiser push-button module. While the previous solution consisting of push-button module and Room app was only able to control one switch or dimmer within a room, the Wiser launch with its enhanced radio standard multiplies the connectivity possibilities throughout the house.
Apart from the uncomplicated operation the entire system is characterised by simple installation and high reliability. “Wiser stands for the promise of simplicity and comfort. Technicians can install the Wiser system with app support by Schneider Electric and get it operating in a short time thus creating a cost efficient smart home for the customer. For Germany alone a duplication of the current market volume of some €2.5 billion to almost €5.3 billion by 2022 is forecasted. “This means that there is an enormous potential for additional services for the technicians. With a comparatively small investment house owner can make old or new buildings smart and ready for the future. Since the individual components are installed wirelessly, Wiser is suitable both for retrofitting and for the cost-efficient first step toward a smart home when constructing a new building. And as the system is scalable one can start with fitting only one room and extend the system whenever it is needed “, explains Markus Hettig, Vice President Building Business with Schneider Electric.

The first products of the Wiser family will be available starting from April in specialist shops.

Foto: Schneider Electric
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